Pet Portraits Other Commissions

Do you have a special object or concept that is meaningful to you?  I love working with clients to create a work of art that has your story behind it.  

Below are some examples of commissioned paintings.  All of these paintings are in private collections.

Fanfare by Susanna Pantas Luna Moth Commission by Susanna Pantas


oil on canvas, 24"x30"
private collection

Luna Moth

oil on canvas, 5"x7"
private collection

Commission Olive Shells by Susanna Pantas Commissioned Church Painting by Susanna Pantas

Olive Shells

oil on canvas, 5"x7"
private collection

Commissioned Church

oil on canvas, 8"x10"
private collection

Pansies in Silver Cup Commission by Susanna Pantas Bluebird Commission by Susanna Pantas

Pansies in Silver Cup

oil on canvas, 7"x5"
private collection


oil on canvas, 9"x12"
private collection


My prices are based upon size of the canvas.   Contact me for the current commission pricelist via email at   After we have discussed and agreed upon the details of the commission, I ask for a non-refundable deposit of half down to get started.  The remainder is due upon completion.  Length of time to complete the painting depends upon a number of variables such as size, complexity of work, and any current projects I am working on.   

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